The Italian Studies program is part of the Department of European Studies in the College of Arts and Letters at SDSU. The program currently offers coursework leading to a minor in Italian. It emphasizes language, culture, literature and film. Minors acquire a broad background in contemporary Italy and its origins from historical, social, linguistic, literary, and cultural points of view. In addition, both the majors in European Studies and International Business include a language and culture concentration with emphasis in Italian.

  • Courses

    Our courses develop students’ skills in language and introduce them to Italian culture. Students can focus on language and composition, literature, civilization, film, or the field of Italian Studies.

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  • Luca Vullo

    Film and Workshops by Luca Vullo

    Italian director Luca Vullo will offer two short film screenings and workshop on the creative universe of Sicilian hand gestures and he will discuss his documentary work about Italian migrations.

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  • Events

    Learning Italian involves more than just conjugating verbs! To truly learn a language, you must become part of its culture. Join us for our many events that celebrate the Italian culture.

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Members of the CTL Learning Community "Digital Communication Across the Curriculum" have been working all year on projects to improve the quality and value of digital communication and critical digital literacy on campus.

Business Italian Style is part of the CTL Learning Community and will participate in the "Digital Pedagogies Showcase" at the library on May 12th.

The Daily Aztec sat down with  Dr. Clarissa Clo (Italian Studies)  to learn more about her teaching.